Blessed Love

Ras Chanayah is all about spiritual teachings about the Mosthigh Jah RastafarI. InI come to I own children but they receive us not but those that receive us are children of Jah. Notting is new, it is the same thing they do onto the Messiah from such time till this time ..but InI rise and shine the glory of the Messiah the Most High Jah RastafarI. InI survive great tribulation and crucifiction and many spiritual and physical challenges amongst InI own people who sees it and feels it knows it...

Ras Chanayah born in the surrounding of music in Kingston 11, Jamaican district, called Fire House some time called Water House also. This is a place where many musician and artist come from, as you all know but InI wasn’t for the competition or the challenge in those days because it was many artist and few producers I never got the chance with any of these producer, they were all tide up with many other artists. Then some changes come when InI move to Westmoreland and live in the town of Savlamar for some time where singing on sound like Ghetto Phonic and Heart Beat Sound and Reality Roots Sound I grow up in Sav singing on these sounds and few community shows ...I also record three songs in Sav at Bassy Studio songs: Pain ...Dem Think Dem Dainty....Let Jah down easy... in 2001 I was on stage along with artist like Admiral Tibet an Jah Mason and many others; then I left Sav and live in Negril in 2005 where I record songs such as ..Miserable ...Moving To Zion, Cherry Pie, Spiritual World...Feelings...Dem Coz It Pon Dem Self was also record in Negril at Razor Blade Studio then I moved to London in 2008 where I finished I album altogether with the Power of Jah Ras Tatafari Selah ...

This the LTK Production BY Ras CHanayah. Give thanks for all the roots music listeners Bless The Mosthigh for the inspiration and cultural words that keep the Divine flows. All the best to all Divine Heart. More Love and Power and Praises onto JaH RasTafarI

Selah Haile King SelassieI One Perfect Love Universally.......

You can find Ras Chanayah on ....

Telephone num 07595259973